Sales/ Techie/ Arrow Repair

    With a happy-go-lucky attitude Garron can get you set up with what you need to make your best shot. As a new employee it’s amazing how much he already knows, it’s as if he’s been working with us for years. We are excited to have him on our team.


    Sales/ Techie / Master String Builder

    If something needs doing at Archery Central Scott gets it done. As great technician and hunter he’s a good guy to answer any of your questions. Scott has been help building the business for 2 years.


    Sales/ Techie/ Master String Builder

    Marc is a constant in the shop and a great source of knowledge for any of your archery questions.  You will find Marc at almost every competition shoot in the Valley and even at some out of the area. Marc has been helping build the business for over 4 years.


    Office Manager / Instructor / Programs

    You can usually find Mikie in her office taking care of finances and keeping the shop in running order. She is certified as an instructor NFAA and NASP

  • Danny Aden Jr.


    After growing up in the Midwest, then moving to California to enjoy the surf and manage an archery shop, Danny settled in Idaho and opened Archery Central to share his passion of archery with the Treasure Valley.  When you walk in the store, you will find Danny either standing at the string jig or at the range teaching someone the finer points of shooting.  Danny, his wife Mikelynn, and their daughter Darla, enjoy spending their free time in the outdoors.